Over the years it has been discovered that the name ARTINGSTALL is directly linked with variants such as ARSTALL & ASTALL for example.
Alan of England                                                          
Let me introduce myself, my name is Alan and I am the elder child of Hilda Mary TAYLOR whom married Charles Whitfield ARSTALL in 1949 almost 5 years after my birth.
Now with that family skeleton in the open let me proceed.

Charles Whitfield ARSTALL
youngest sibling to 
Jack Hesford ARSTALL & Rose ARSTALL
children of
Harry ARSTALL & Charlotte Rose ASBY

sibling to 
Thomas ARSTALL, Charles Whitfield ARSTALL, 
Elizabeth Alice ARSTALL, Anne ARSTALL & Eunice ARSTALL
children of
Isaac Hesford ARSTALL & Hannah WHITFIELD

Isaac Hesford ARSTALL
half-sibling to 
children of
[Joseph] Henry ARSTALL & Alice HESFORD
[Isaac] Henry ARSTALL & Ann (Nancy) PIERPOINT

sibling to 8 others
children of

sibling to 12 others
children of
Joseph ARSTALL & Mary LORD

Joseph Arstall
Sibling to George
Son of 
George Arstall & Jane Wadsworth
Can You Help
Joan SELF , Australia
I am Jack Hesford ARSTALL's first daughter and grand-daughter to Harry ARSTALL & Charlotte Rose ASBY, I last saw my mother around 1950 when I was 3 years old, Margaret ARSTALL formerly WOOD. I would dearly love to discover if my mother lives and that she is happy.  More information and a photographs  can  be  viewed  at;
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Let us share with you
Norma of England
May I share with everyone some findings of my research of the ARTINGSTALL family, I found that over the last 400 years had variants that led to the ARSTALL name which in itself also had variants that led to the name ASTALL. 

Picture copyright of Gloria Bailey, Ca.
Bev of Australia                                                 

Isaiah ARSTALL married Sarah Ann PARTINGTON 
in Manchester Cathedral on the 27 February 1859.  
He signed as Isaiah ASTALL and Sarah signed with her mark. 
His father given as Hugh ASTALL, Shoemaker and her father as Edward PARTINGTON, Spinner. Their residence at the time of marriage was given as 17 Bloom Street, Salford.  
Witnesses were Richard and Alice McQUILLAN.

Two children were born in Manchester, Edward in 1861 and Alice Ann in 1864.  
The family emigrated to Queensland Australia and arrived in Brisbane sometime between February 1865 and October 1866.  A lot of passenger lists for the early 1860's were lost in the floods in Brisbane, so we do not know the name of the ship or when they arrived.  

William Edward Allsop
One of 9 siblings
Eldest son of
William Allsop & Sarah Arstall

Sarah Arstall
One of 8 siblings
eldest daughter of
Isaiah Arstall & Sarah Ann Partington

Isaiah Arstall
One of 9 siblings
Youngest son of
Hugh Arstall & Mary Sherlock

Hugh Arstall
son of
Joseph Arstall & Mary Lord

Joseph Arstall
Sibling to George
Son of 
George Arstall & Jane Wadsworth

Gloria of Canada                                               
I was born Gloria Mary ARSTALL November 9, 1949 in Saskatchewan, Canada to Charles ARSTALL & Winnifred Ivy CLARKSON who married November 17, 1948. 
I have one sibling Mervin Charles born June 12, 1957 who has two children Erin and Wesley Arstall. 
I have three sons Fabian, Patrick & Dwayne Hrapchak and three grandchildren Maia, Bailey & Logan.
My Grandfather, Harry ARSTALL came to Canada in 1910 with a dream of his own farm. 
Harry worked for two years for farmers saving his money. He took advantage of Dominion Land Grant filed on a homestead, acquiring 160 acres of land and started farming. 
In March of 1917 he enlisted in Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Army Forces. 
He fought in France until end of war, and then went to England awaiting his discharge papers. 
In spring of 1918 he met Ettie Maude BUDD, who was working in Liphook as a servant. 
They married in January of 1919 in Warrington and sailed back to Canada with troops on the ship 'Metagama' in summer of 1919. Landed in Quebec and travelled by train back to Speers, Sask. then on to the homestead. They went on to have 9 children, my father Charles being the 6th child.

Charles Arstall
Has 8 siblings
Son of
Harry Arstall & Ettie Maud Budd

Harry Arstall
Son of
Richard Arstall & Anne Cooper

Richard Arstall
one of 9 siblings
Son of
Hugh Arstall & Mary Sherlock

Hugh Arstall
Sibling to 12 others
Son of
Joseph Arstall & Mary Lord

Joseph Arstall
Sibling to George
Son of 
George Arstall & Jane Wadsworth
                     One of several pictures I would like to share with you:
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John Henry ARSTALL
Private 202575 
Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Died, 17th September 1917 age 35
Son of Betsy Arstall, of 17, Moss Terrace, Moss Lane, Cadishead, Manchester. 

Grave Number: IX. G. 17. 

Vlamertinge New Military Cemetery is located 5 Km west of Ieper town centre and to the south of the village of Vlamertinge. Vlamertinge itself is located along the Poperingseweg. (Vlamertinge is the modern spelling of Vlamertinghe). From Ieper (Ypres) town centre the Poperingseweg (N308), is reached via Elverdingsestraat then straight over two small roundabouts in the J. Capronstraat. The Poperingseweg is a continuation of J. Capronstraat and begins after a prominent railway level crossing. The cemetery itself is located after turning left in the village of Vlamertinge onto the Hugo Verriestraat. This road crosses a railway and the main road N38, where the name of the street changes to Bellestraat. The cemetery lies 200 metres on the left hand side of the Bellestraat, after crossing the N38. Visitors to this site should note a grassed access path which runs between two houses on the street front and is unsuitable for vehicles.
For much of the First World War, Vlamertinghe (now Vlamertinge) was just outside the normal range of German shell fire and the village was used both by artillery units and field ambulances. Burials were made in the original Military Cemetery until June 1917, when the New Military Cemetery was begun in anticipation of the Allied offensive launched on this part of the front in July. Although the cemetery continued in use until October 1918, most of the burials are from July to December 1917. The cemetery now contains 1,813 Commonwealth burials of the First World War. The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. 

John Henry was born Feb. 3rd, 1882 in Cadishead and baptized Feb. 26th, 1883  in Cadishead.  His parents  Thomas ARSTALL born 1852 Glazebrook,  was a Railway Platelayer and his mother Betsy RICHARDSON  born 1858  in  Glazebrook,  was a Fustian Cutter.  Thomas and  Betsy were married 1879 Irlam St John, on 1881 census he had  one sister  Annie  born 1880 in Cadishead. Their  address in 1881 was Liverpool Rd., Barton Upon Irwell. On the 1901 Census John Henry was a Candle Maker Parish Irlam, Betsy  was a Charwoman and  Annie was working in Paper Mill. There  is a  couple of Thomas's  one 12 and one 9 , we would be willing to bet the 12 year old is son also. 
Information researched by Gloria M BAILEY formerly ARSTALL and Alan J TAYLOR